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Why Karate?

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

This is a question that plagues parents and students alike and I want to put a spin on the answer. Keep reading to find out!

And than repeat

We all know that karate or any martial art comes at a monetary cost. So more often than not people ask "Why do you pay so much for karate?" and I totally understand where they come from. Why not just pay one fee for a season of soccer or baseball? Well that's because, while those are great activities to keep you active, they can't teach you everything that karate can. By that I mean as a person...nothing with how to defend yourself...yet.

Sensei Mers warming up for some kicks

I'm 21 years old. I have been doing karate since the age of 3. My bother and sister are now 16 and 13. They have been taking karate since a very young age as well. That's three kids in karate. That's three monthly memberships for years upon years ad still to this day. While I was always grateful for her paying for us to go to karate, as a kid that's exactly what she was doing....paying for us to go to karate.

Today I realize she was doing so much more than just paying for karate. In fact, she couldn't have cared less about karate. So if she didn't care, what on earth was she paying for all these years? Well I'm about to answer that for you.

  • She paid for the moments when we became so tired we wanted to quit but we didn't.

  • She paid for the days we would come home from school too tired to go to the dojo but went anyway.

  • She paid for us to learn discipline in a way kids can't learn at home.

  • She paid for us to learn how to take care of our bodies in new and exciting ways.

  • She paid for us to learn how to be good team mates and work well with others but still keep us independant.

  • She paid for us to learn how to deal with disappointment when we didn't earn a stripe/belt or win a competition but still have to work hard to prepare for the next chance.

  • She paid for us to learn how to make goals and than accomplish them.

  • She paid for us to learn that it take hours upon hours upon hours of hard work and practice to create a champion.

  • She paid for us to learn that success does not happen over night.

  • She paid for us to have the opportunity to make life long friendships.

  • She paid for us to be at the dojo instead of in front of a screen.

Believe me when I say the list goes on and on and on but you get the idea. While as a kid I thought nothing of it, karate was karate, soccer was soccer, today I see that this isn't the case. Karate has done more for me than anything else every could. And with that I leave you with one more point.

  • She paid of us to find out who we are, to find ourselves.

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