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WOW! Not one, not two, but THREE people from our little dojo made it onto TEAM CANADA! Sensei's Mersina and Diana as well as Mr. James are all off to Portugal in the fall to represent Canada at the World Championships under the WKC (World Karate Commission). Keep Your eyes out for fundraiser information to help get the team out there!!!


Until June 26th

As you may have heard, our little dojo gets to represent Canada in Portugal this fall at the world championships! Unfortunately, Team Canada doesn't exactly help them get there so we are putting in the leg work ourselves! See the front desk or shoot us an email for the rules and flyer! OH and we should mention there are ways to get FREE raffle tickets!

July 21st 2024

1 hour. 1000 kicks! This event is open to everyone! Students, parents, friends, family no matter their level of experience! We do recommend ages 7+ but you're the best judge or your little one. $10 / participant and all proceeds will be going to your WKC team members in support of thier trip to Portugal this fall for some tough competition! Register below.

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