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The cubs program is designed for students ages 3 to 6. Classes are designed to focus more on motor skills, basic movements, and focus. However, rest assured, your child will still be learning the basics of martial arts.


The kids program is designed for students aged 7 to 12 and therefore expectations and requirements are higher. This kid program also offers students the chance to join the black belt club as well as our leadership team (see below). Class times are 45 minutes and are typically mid-evening.


The adults program is for anyone aged 13+. Again, expectations and requirements are higher. Those in the adults program will have the opportunity to join our advanced program and leadership team (see below). Class times are later in the evening and are 45 minutes in length. 


Our black belt program is for any student at the rank of blue belt and above. This program is for hardworking and dedicated students and therefore is by invitation only. The programs allows for students to attend extra specialized classes each week. These classes will consist of special weapons as well and advanced techniques.


Our leadership team is open to anyone at the rank of green belt and above. Students part of our leadership team will assist in teaching classes. There are 4 levels of our leadership program. Each level requires more responsibility of the instructor. The leadership program offers a different way to teach students valuable life skills.

What Is Words Before Actions?

"Words Before Actions" is a critical part of all of our programs here at Lion's Heart FMA. We incorporate it into the self-defense aspect of each program.


The "Words Before Actions" is designed to help students deal with bullies they may encounter inside or outside of school. The program teaches students to voice their needs and wants BEFORE laying their hands on a fellow classmate or friend.


For example : Jonny is the new boy at school. He doesn't have many friends yet and seems to be getting picked on quite a bit. One day a classmate of Jonny comes up to him and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. 

At Lion's Heart FMA this is where "Words Before Actions" comes in. We teach Jonny that the first thing he needs to do before trying to push off or hurt his classmate is to use his words. Jonny should be expressing his wants and expectations of his classmate. I.E. Jonny would be saying "Please don't touch me" or "Please let go of my shirt". Should his classmate not listen, then Jonny would use his self-defense learned in class to get away without hurting his classmate.​


Another important aspect of the "Words Before Actions" is how to respect ourselves as well as those around us. We teach students the importance of listening to what others are saying to us. This helps students recognize what others are trying to communicate to them and for them to realize that it is okay to say no to others.


For example : Mia and her friend Jess are hanging out at the park. They are sitting on the picnic bench when Jess starts poking Mia as a joke. For the first little while, Mia pokes Jess back and they are laughing. Shortly, the poking starts to annoy Mia and she doesn't want it to continue so she asks Jess to please stop.

This may seem like nothing but these are everyday things that can cause heated arguments. Jess listened to Mia and stopped poking her. Lion's Heart FMA "Words Before Actions" teaches our students the importance of respecting others. Sometimes our friends may be laughing one minute but the actions they were laughing about begin to bother them. We teach our students that this is okay! We are allowed to change our feelings. Things as harmless as a hug may not be welcome by some friends at school as they would be welcomed by other friends and we teach our students the importance of respecting each individual around them. 

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