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To begin with I would say everyone from the front desk to the actual Sensei and assistant Sensei are all very kind and polite to speak to.

To add to that, they are never rushing a kid like other martial arts schools. Every kid has their own speed of learning and improving and this school is able to amazingly do it for every kid differently and still makes sure every kid improves in every class. Impresses me every time.

- Hardik (2024)

This is an incredible dojo! Mersina, the owner and head Sensei, is a very special person. My child absolutely thrives under her instruction and mentorship. All her staff have been wonderful too. There is a mix of 'fun' here while still focusing on the discipline required for martiall arts. We have loved that there was not commitment to sign up 2x/week and that there was different membership options. The icing on the cake is that this dojo has experience with neurodiverse individuals and is welcoming to all!

- Tova 2024

We love Mersina! Julia did martial arts with her when she worked at another location number of years ago. We also had Ethans birthday there last year, and we were so, so happy. All the kids had a blast, and so many of the parents followed up to say how great of a time their kids had.

- Lisa 2023

Amazing space, and business! We love being part of the lions heart family!

- Kera 2023

Absolutely amazing! Lion’s Heart Family Martial Arts was incredible for our son’s 5th birthday party! I cannot say enough good things about the whole experience from booking to the end. Communication was excellent, I contacted the owner, Mersina, several times with ongoing questions. The responses were always quick and full of information. Organization was exceptional, from booking the party weeks in advance, straight through to the end of the party was perfectly organized and went off without an incident. The instructors kept the kids excited, entertained, moving, and energized the whole party! The activities were perfect for the age group and the kids were so engaged at each stage. It was a very stress free and hands off party for the parents, even the attendees’ parents. The instructors, especially Mersina, took care of everything!

- Stacey 2022

"The way you spoke to him, particularly after sparring, made all the difference in the world! We already knew that you were a unique and special teacher for our children, but it was really confirmed today! Going to karate is often the highlight of both Nathaniel and Sophia's day."

- Elena 2022

We had a birthday party here. Age range was 5 years to 9 years. It was great! Kids all had an awesome tie. Zero martial arts experience in the group but the activities were super fun for all. Well run, great energy.

- Dana 2022

Hi Mersina,

Thank you again for everything you've helped J achieve through his classes at LHFMA. He's become so much more confident and self-assured, and watching him persevere through that tough belt grading yesterday was proof enough of how much he's grown. Looking back to the last grading where his social anxiety overwhelmed him to the point where he almost could not get his yellow belt compared to his spectacular performance yesterday was nothing short of incredible and it's thanks to your gentle yet firm guidance through these past months. J was so proud of himself.

- Joyce 2022

I've witnessed and am appreciative of the careful discipline my children have experienced at Lion's Heart Family Martial Arts - I HIGHLY recommend this dojo.

- Tory 2022

Just wanted to give a shout out to the staff Lion's Heart Family Martial Arts. My 6 year old son had a birthday party this afternoon. Extremely friendly staff who kept the kids very entertained with fun activities. They were straightforward to deal with. Very reasonable price. Pizza and drinks provided. All you have to do is bring a cake. Super easy.

- Ashleigh McCheung (2022)

Great facility and staff. My kids love the summer camp programs and will love to return for year 3. Highly recommend!

- Kerrie Newman (2022)

This place is the best! Not only do the kids enjoy it, but there are lots of activities for parents and guardians as well! The kick boxing classes are an amazing work out and full of fun. Sensei Mersina (owner) makes sure each and every person feels included no matter what. The other staff is just as welcoming and its never a dull moment! If you're looking for a new sport to take up that has a dedicated, caring, and passionate team to teach your little ones, this is definitely the place!

- Rae (2022)

This place is such a treasure. All the senseis are great. Head Sensei Mercina is AMAZING. She’s awesome with the kids. She provides a very safe, accepting and respectful learning environment for all the kids no matter their individual needs. In addition, she teaches her students important life values such as respect, integrity, self-discipline and perseverance (to name a few). Whenever you need to speak with her, she drops everything and gives you 100% of her attention. I’d recommend this place to anyone who wants to introduce karate to their children in hopes they work their way up to black belt. My son is ALWAYS excited to come to class.

- Nicole Lang (2021)

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